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Seaton, C.L., Rondier, P., Rush, K.L., Li, E., Plamondon, K., Pesut, B., . . . Bottorff, J. L. (2022, October). Community Stakeholder-Driven Technology Solutions Towards Rural Health Equity: A Concept Mapping Study in Western Canada. Health Expectations. Please click here for an open access copy. 

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Dow-Fleisner, S., Seaton, C. L., Li, E., Plamondon, K., Oelke, N., Kurtz, D., . . . Rush, K. (2022). Internet access is a necessity: A cross-sectional analysis of challenges and technology use among rural community residents during COVID-19. BMH Public Health, 22(845), 1-11.  Retrieved from Please click here for an open access copy. 

Struik, L. L., *Werstuik, S., *Sundstrom, A., Dow-Fleisner, S. & Ben-David, S. (2022). Factors that Influence the Decision to Vape among Indigenous Youth. BMC Public Health, 22. Retrieved from Retrieved from Please click here for an open access copy. 

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Pilin, M.A., Robinson, J.M., Dow-Fleisner, S., Sanchez, T.A., & Krank, M.D. (2020). Automatic cognitions as mediators of parental influence on adolescent cannabis use. Addictive Behaviors. Retrieved from Retrieved from

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Wyman Battalen, A., Dow-Fleisner, S. J., Brodzinsky, D. (2019, June). School responsiveness to adoption among lesbian mothers. Journal of Lesbian Studies, 1, 1-16. Retrieved from doi:10.1080/10894160.2019.1630191

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Dow-Fleisner S, Hawkins S. (2018). Child physical wellbeing in the context of maternal depression. Social Work Research, 42(2), 95-105. Retrieved from


Dow-Fleisner, S. J. (2020, June). Impacts of child maltreatment in Canada: Examining the social consequences and economic costs (p. 8). Please click here for a copy of this report.


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