About the Centre

Dr. Susan J. Wells was awarded infrastructure funding from the Canadian Fund for Innovation to establish a unique research centre focused on services for children and families. The Centre is dedicated to identifying the differential effectiveness of child welfare interventions for diverse Canadian populations and supporting the implementation of these services. Attention to diverse populations is exceedingly important as Canada seeks to redress the many historic wrongs associated with child welfare and other government-funded services.

In recognition of the importance of inter-professional collaboration in this work, the Centre is situated in the Faculty of Health and Social Development and the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences. The Centre contributes to research for evidence-based practice and participates in training the next generation of researchers, clinicians, and policy makers through training graduate and undergraduate research assistants.

This research has been supported by a variety of funders including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and provincial sources.
The Centre invites participation of all who may benefit from the findings of its research and looks forward to ongoing conversations with members of the community seeking to provide the best support possible to children and families in their own communities.