Research Assistants

CSSCF Coordinators 

CSSCF Coordinator  Research Interests
Michelle O'Kane
Research Coordinator
Michelle O'Kane is a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) and a Registered Social Worker. Her research focuses on child protection systems, judgement and decision making, supervisory neglect as a maltreatment classification, and children in public space

CSSCF Okanagan Team Members

CSSCF Okanagan Team Member About
Alex Narayan Alex Narayan is currently a MSW student in the UBCO School of Social Work
Jennifer Hoffmeister Jennifer Hoffmeister is currently a MSW student in the UBCO School of Social Work.
Lauren Colborne Lauren Colborne is currently a MSW student in the UBCO School of Social Work.
Sawlat Tirtha Sawlat Tirtha is currently a MSW student in the UBCO School of Social Work.


CSSCF Vancouver Team Members

CSSCF Vancouver Team Members  About
Cathy JiuCathy (she/her) is a sixth-year undergraduate student studying International Relations and Psychology. Her interests span the areas of community engagement, and health advocacy, equity and policy. As Knowledge Translation Assistant, she is most interested in exploring the facets of knowledge exchange and innovative dissemination methods, and how they can further facilitate the application of research to inform policymaking and social welfare programming. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue further studies in public health.
Karl UrbanKarl Urban is a doctoral candidate at UBC-Vancouver School of Social Work. Building on professional practice in youth career services and after school programming, his research explores the roles played by children in the evaluation of family support services.
Marko Berrak-TinazMarko is a second-year graduate student at UBC studying a Master of Arts in Human Development, Learning and Culture. Marko is a former youth-from-care and adoptee from Toronto. He has had the honour and privilege of serving many child welfare organizations across Canada. Marko brings his lived, professional and academic expertise to his work. When not working, he enjoys spending time outdoors or at a local cafe/ restaurant with close friends and loved ones.
Min KimMin Kim (she/they) was born in Seoul, Korea and immigrated to the lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples, or so-called Vancouver, when she was 10 years old. She is going into her fourth year of the Bachelor of Social Work program and holds a previous degree in Global Health with a Minor in Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies from UBC. She has worked with Korean diasporic communities to provide one-on-one support, to organize for tenants’ rights movements and liaise with legal aid, and to empower political engagement. As an emerging social worker, she is interested in continuing to work with diasporic communities in the realm of wellbeing, community development, and political empowerment.
Olive HuangOlive is a fourth-year psychology student interested in the impact of early life experiences on future coping of stressful events and savouring of positive events, as well as childhood disorders, especially ADHD and autism. She hopes to pursue graduate studies and conduct research to inform policy change and social welfare program development. Outside research, she loves to dance and cook!


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