Research Mission

The Centre’s mission is to support the development and implementation of the most effective services for children, youth, and families at risk of maltreatment, particularly those of diverse populations.

Research Focus

In service of its mission, the Centre has three major lines of inquiry and effort.

  • Implementation research

    Research on bringing evidence-based practices to scale in service agencies such as British Columbia’s Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)

  • Fostering the development of new models of service

    Evaluation of newly implemented services to inform ongoing model development, for example, a program to assess and treat the most difficult youth behaviour problems – the MCFD’s Complex Care Intervention project

    Provision of support for services developed by Indigenous peoples for Indigenous peoples – There is little, if any, research on the effectiveness of integrating Indigenous healing practices with mainstream services. The Aboriginal Concurrent Disorders Team of Kelowna, BC is committed to developing such a model and conducting a formative evaluation of their initiative

  • Knowledge translation

    Meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and translational projects to foster use of research on practice and policy. For example, a CIHR funded project to report on the effectiveness of cultural adaptations of health, mental health, and juvenile justice services